LK HeatFloor 22 I Pre-grooved Chipboard Flooring for Underfloor Heating Systems

LK HeatFloor 22 I Pre-grooved Chipboard Flooring for Underfloor Heating Systems

A 22 mm pre-grooved floor grade chipboard ‘tongue & grooved’ all-round designed to be installed on joists for underfloor heating systems. The board has 3 slots centered at 200 mm for 16mm underfloor heating pipe. The board is supplemented with single grooved aluminum plates that sit within the grooves to provide even heat distribution. We recommend using LK pipe that comes with external glue-like properties, which when laid in plates in boards, prevents it from making squeaking sounds upon expansion and contraction. 

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LK Underfloor heating combined with HeatFloor 22 is designed to be installed on standard wooden floor joists with a max c/c of 600 mm spaced joists. The design consists of grooved 22 mm flooring grade chipboards and associated turning boards. These boards replace the standard board in a floor structure. Aluminum heat distribution plates are laid in the grooves which transmit and distribute heat from the underfloor heating pipes to the floor surface.


The requirements for the proper functioning of the underfloor heating system is a weather-dependent control system for the supply temperature and a well-implemented and documented adjustment to the primary and loop flows. In general, the guidelines apply in accordance with the local building codes and for selected bespoke design solutions. Before installing HeatFloor 22, carefully read all of the instructions.

Construction outline

1. Floor joists

2. Insulation

3. HeatFloor 22, Slotted board Dim. 1800 x 600 x 22 mm with grooves on all four sides. The slotted board has 3 slots c/c 200 mm, suitable for LK Heat distribution plate 16 and LK Universal pipe dim. 16 mm.

4. LK Heat distribution plate 16/190 L = 1150 mm, W = 190 mm

5. LK Universal pipe dim. 16 mm

6. HeatFloor 22, Turning board Dim. 595 x 800 x 22 mm

7. Vapour barrier as per floor manufacturer instructions and cell foam/rag paper

8. Surface layer Examples of surface layers are parquet/hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic flooring, plastic, or linoleum. 


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