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LK Receiver 8 ICS.2 (NC)

Only compatible with LK ICS2 Wired and Wireless thermostats.

LK Receiver 8 ICS.2 (NC) is used together with LK Room thermostat RF ICS.2 (wireless) or LK Room thermostat W ICS.2 (wired).

Up to 8 LK Room thermostats ICS.2 can be addressed to the receiver unit, wired or wireless. The unit can control up to 12 floor circuits through LK Actuator 24 V (NC).
The unit has an in-built 24h program for valve and pump exercising. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with two potential-free outputs which, if necessary, are used for start/stop of pump and heat source. For start/stop of pump and heat source to function in a large system, several receiver units can communicate with each other through a wireless connection.

Furthermore, the unit is equipped with 1 input terminal for temperature reduction through an external signal, for example, through GSM Switch. The unit can be supplemented with LK Webserver for control through mobile, tablet or computer. The system can also communicate through Modbus protocol for connection to a Building Management System (BMS).

From the in-built USB input of the receiver the under floor heating system can easily be logged for control and troubleshooting.

Compatible with the ICS.2 series ONLY.

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