LK Room Thermostat ICS.2 Wired

Color: White
£67.90 ex-VAT


LK Room Thermostat ICS.2 Wired

Only compatible with LK ICS2 Wiring Centre

Wired room thermostat with background-lit display for easy and clear function display.

The display shows, the set and actual temperature, heating on/off, operating mode and any error messages, etc.

For the best energy efficiency, the room thermostat uses a so-called self-modulation technique consisting of signal pulses to the valve actuators. The self-modulation technique means that the thermostat adjusts the power output in relation to the set temperature. When the temperature in the room approaches the set temperature, the power output is reduced to avoid overheating. This in turn, minimizes energy consumption.

During the use of the thermostat's night set-back/economy temperature function, it works with the adaptive (self-learning) function. The buttons are lockable and as such the thermostat can also be used in a public environment. There is the possibility to connect a floor sensor (read more below LK External sensor ICS/S2). Furthermore, there are functions such as Fireplace function, Area restriction of the temperature range, By-pass setting of the floor heating circuit and more. The room thermostat is used together with LK Receiver Unit 1 ICS.2 and LK Receiver Unit 8 ICS.2. The connection is wired.

The thermostat is available in the colors glossy white, silver-grey and glossy black.

Compatible with the ICS.2 series ONLY.

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