LK S1Thermostat EXT I Obsolete

£31.68 ex-VAT


LK S1Thermostat EXT - option to add a floor sensor.

Electronic, soundless room thermostat with Triac-output and self-modulation technology. Available in models S1, S1 EXT and S1 Dti; S1 EXT and S1 Dti have got extra connections for the possibility to connect LK External Sensor S1 for control of floor temperature. The room thermostat is powered by 24 V AC and is designed for normally closed LK Actuator 24V (NC). The connection is normally made via LK Connection Box (NC) or via LK Connection Box 1. Max 5 LK Actuators 24V (NC) can be connected per room thermostat.

The room thermostat temperature range is between 5-35 °C. The adjustable-range can be limited on the back of the dial. Input for external temperature reduction-3K is available. Colour, white polished RAL 9010. The back of the thermostat cover covers a standard junction box. An LK Pattress S1 to extend the thermostat's covering measurements is available as an accessory.

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