ESBE Mixing Unit with Grundfos UPM Pump

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EBSE Mixing Unit with Grundfos UPM Pump

Provides control of flow and return water temperature in an underfloor heating
system. Pre-assembled and tested to ensure that it can be fitted with minimum
on-site labor required and commissioned immediately once fitted.

Designed to connect to the right-hand side of a manifold with 200mm as standard
(210 / 225mm optional) between the centers of the flow and return arms. The control
group can also be altered to fit the left-hand side of a manifold simply by turning the
control group elbows through 180 degrees, using the union fittings at the top and
bottom of the pump. The pump motor may need to be rotated through 180 degrees to
minimize the space occupied by the control group. Primary connections can be applied
from the side or bottom of the control pack.

Maximum static pressure 10 Bar
Maximum differential pressure 3 Bar
Maximum temperature 95°C
Operating temperature range Adjustable between 20°C to 55°C (BS2164)
Inlet connections 2 x 3/4" BSPF
Outlet connections 2 x 1" BSPM swivel joint
Overall dimensions (mm) 290 h x 150 w x 140 h (Excluding item.3)
Kvs 3.4
Material Nickel-plated brass
Power 18kW

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