IntaKlean HP Magnetic Heat Pump Filter 28mm

£106.29 ex-VAT


The intaKlean HP Magnetic Air Source Heat Pump Filter, featuring inta’s unique direct multi-layered non-ferrous fine filter, is the ideal solution to prevent costly and unnecessary system breakdowns caused by both magnetic and non-ferrous particulates in air source heat pump systems.
As well as separating magnetic debris and trapped air in circulating system fluid, intaKlean HP also includes a completely unique direct filter that contains a multi-layered stainless steel 300-micron fine gauze. The system debris is forced directly into the filter, breaking down the debris, which then precipitates at the base of the pot.
The remaining magnetic debris is drawn to the center of the filter and captured by the 11,000-gauss rare earth neodymium magnet.

  • Actively filters magnetite and non-ferrous system debris
  • Unique direct non-ferrous system filter forces system debris directly into the core of the filter to capture as much system debris as possible
  • Multi-layered filter incorporating a 300-micron fine particle filter and a 800-micron mesh filter
  • Low-profile drain valve
  • Fully removable 11,000 gauss magnet – service the system live
  • 360° installation
  • Full-bore isolation valves
  • Manual air vent

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