LK 435 OptiFlow, 4-36 l/min I Underfloor Heating Flow Adjuster

£67.99 ex-VAT


LK 435 OptiFlow, 4-36 l/minis a group valve for adjusting flow in, for example, underfloor heating systems, traditional heating systems, and cooling systems. The adjustment valve has 1” male thread on the inlet and 1” female thread on the outlet. The male thread is supplemented with an LK Joint Nipple with loose nut for simple assembly to, for example, LK Manifold RF for underfloor heating.

Adjustment is performed easily using an Allen key, while the flow is read off on a clear scale. No measuring equipment is needed. The valve has a so-called MemoStop to lock the valve setting. This means that the valve can also be used as an isolation valve without changing the adjustment position when operating the valve. The valve housing is made of nickel-plated brass and equipped with an impact and temperature-resistant flow indicator. The flow meter continuously measures the flow during operation. The flow meter can be read in all positions. A marking plate for marking and documenting the setting is enclosed. The valve can be supplemented with an LK Thermometer (optional). The thermometer is located in the valve’s integral sensor tube.

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