LK Minishunt M60n I Single Zone Underfloor Heating

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LK Minishunt M60n I Single Zone Underfloor Heating 

Thermostat controlled shunt unit for use when smaller underfloor heating systems are to be connected to an existing heating system. The shunt unit is to be used in systems with the main pump in the primary circuit. Its capacity can be set at a flat rate of heating requirements of 50 W/m² to max 60 m² of floor heating area. The capacity is dependent on the primary temperature, pressure, floor heating installing system, etc. Then Shunt unit can be connected to series or parallel radiator systems. Assembly can be made in the right or left operation.

Complete premanufactured shunt unit includes;
• Circulation pump Wilo Yonos Para RSB 15/6-RKA, with automatic speed control, 1 phase 230 V AC, 50 Hz, max 45 W, 0,44 A
• Thermostat with room temp. sensor length 2 m
• Connectors for primary pipe connection 2 pcs CU15
• Temperature limiter of feed temperature
• VF valve
• Fill and drain valve and air bleed valve with hose nipple
• Bracket

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