SmartSol Solar Thermal Controller 20

£298 ex-VAT


SmartSol is an electronic differential temperature controller for solar heating systems. The controller has 20 preset hydraulic systems for different solar heating systems. The chosen hydraulic system and operating status are shown on the backlit color display. Controls and settings are easily carried out using the rotating knob and the ESC-button. SmartSol can handle high-efficiency pumps.

Features, model Access
• 20 hydraulic systems
•Terminal block for four PT 1000 sensors

• Two speed controlled outputs for circulating pumps or valves
• Output for high-efficiency pump
• Floating relay output
• Operation time counter for relay outputs
• Pump exercise
• Balancing of sensors
• Overheating protection for collectors and tanks
• Collector and tank cooling
• Anti-freeze
• Collector defrosting
• Tube collector function
• Additional heat
• Quick-charging
• Holiday function
• Integrated energy measuring
• Integrated clock with date
• Automatic summer/winter time
• Graphic, multilingual color display
• Self-explanatory menu and user guide
• USB port for PC connection
• SD card slot for data logging (micro SD)
• One input for analog vortex flow sensor

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