Telford Heat Pump Cylinder With Solar Coil

Size: 250ltr
£1,088.47 ex-VAT


Tempest indirect twin coil hot water storage cylinders are designed for use with heating systems where solar thermal is used to compliment an air source heat pump. The Duplex stainless-steel cylinders feature  3.3m² purpose-designed renewable coils which allow maximum heat transfer of renewable energy into the stored water. Cylinders are supplied with a factory-fitted 3 kW immersion heater to provide backup heat.

  • Duplex stainless-steel provides superior corrosion resistance
  • 316L grade stainless-steel 22mm compression fittings and coils
  • Purpose-designed renewable coils with a 3.3m² surface area
  • Supplies mains pressure hot water and high flow rates
  • Fast reheat
  • Factory-fitted temperature and pressure relief value set at 7 bar / 90°C
  • Remote expansion vessel with factory-fitted wall mounting bracket
  • Full unvented kit supplied
  • Highly efficient
  • Fully insulated to minimize any heat loss
  • Factory-fitted 3kW immersion heater*
  • Available in 170-300 liter capacities
  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty on the inner container (2 years on components)
  • Bespoke options available
  • Delivery - 3-4 working days

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